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For hotels

Create state-of-the-art customer journeys for your guests in three simple steps

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For e-commerce

Use our simple process to increase conversions and repurchases without the technical hurdles

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Forget complex integrations

Start with simpler personalised marketing today


Our user-friendly segmentation handles your customer data with sensitivity so you can reach out with the right message at the right time.

  • Create customer segments based on behaviour and buying habits
  • Add more dimensions to your customer segmentation
  • Use segmentation to get better results and develop more relevant messaging
  • Free from Excel files


Create smart automations in your chosen channels.

  • Connect different systems with a click
  • Create effective workflows
  • Automated campaigns with SMS and email

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Send SMS to everyone who hasn't opened the email


Connect your favourite systems with just a click

  • Full potential without losing flexibility – don't build yourself into a corner!
  • Same functionality as larger systems without the large cost
  • Make use of specialised systems for respective channels – this makes your work simpler and more fun

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