This is how Petbuddy Group improved customer communication through Jojka

Petbuddy Group is working to build tomorrow's brand in the pet industry.

They strive to be a transparent brand that offers food and supplements that are both useful and good for the dog. With a focus on health, sustainability and community, Petbuddy wants to compete with the big giants in the industry.

The correct information for the right customer

All dogs have unique needs, and all dogs need different food. Therefore, it is vital to be able to convey the correct information to the right customer. To enable this, Petbuddy has a "food guide" where they receive the information required to be able to recommend the right food for the dog.

Petbuddy made a significant investment in the CRM tool Klaviyo where they built automations and flows adapted to the customer's data. Everything worked, but they felt they lacked the degree of conversion they had hoped for.

A more tailored SMS strategy

They got in touch with Jojka to see what opportunities there were. And as it turns out, Jojka can be integrated with Klaviyo. This was something that Petbuddy didn't find in other SMS services that they tested. Because with integration like this between SMS and email, the customer could get the uniform communication they strived for. This way, they could offer the customer a much more tailored experience.

What does co-founder Erik Wide Gustafsson say about the experience with Jojka?

"It has worked very well," he says. After testing other services for SMS communication, they have been thrilled with Jojka. The other services have not been able to offer the necessary features for Petbuddy's customer communication.

The biggest shortcoming of similar services has been that it has not been possible to integrate with email communication. This means that the customer receives two individual channels of communication that can in no way interact.

What attracted Petbuddy to try Jojka was, above all, the integration possibilities with email. But they also see it as very valuable to easily segment and create lists. They express that they appreciate the easy-to-handle interface and the competitive price.

"We often see that SMS is about three times as high as our average conversion rate on the page. So it's always a high converting channel for us, '' says Erik. He says that when they really want to reach out to the customer, they are happy to turn to SMS.

"As an e-commerce store, we have campaign periods. And with our campaigns, SMS is a super tool to see high conversion. I know that during Black Friday, for example, we saw that SMS was a huge, huge part of sales. '' Erik continues.

Now Petbuddy is looking forward to an exciting future together with Jojka. Going forward, they want to continue driving their communication personification to make the customer experience as good as possible.


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