Meet The Team - Beyond Retail

Jojka is proud to announce our partnership with Beyond Retail and we look forward to growing together. Beyond Retail is a consulting agency with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg that helps companies increase their digital competitiveness and profitability. Their team of consultants specializes in CRM and offers their clients the digital skills and capabilities they need to maximize value and retain their customers. For example, by creating customer life cycle programs, developing loyalty strategies, and analyzing customer data.

Whether it's time-limited consulting assignments or large-scale projects, Beyond Retail's consultants work together with your internal teams to ensure growth and great customer experiences. If you want to improve your CRM and digital business development, Beyond Retail is the perfect choice for you!

"It's incredibly easy to get started with Jojka, you can already see results the same day."

Miona Matar, Senior CRM Consultant | CRM Lead @ Beyond Retail

What does Beyond Retail think the growth for e-commerce companies will look like in 2023?

We see that the focus on customer loyalty and purchase frequency is increasing and thus a greater proportion of sales will come from existing customers. Overall growth may slow slightly in 2023, but retention increases.

What are the most common challenges Beyond Retail has noticed e-commerce businesses have?

One of the most common challenges today is increased customer acquisition costs, the need to reach the customer in several ways, and personalization. SMS is a key channel for a broader channel mix, both from a revenue perspective and customer experience. With SMS, you can reduce your cost of sale and communicate with the customer on their preferred channel. Through automation, you can use SMS at the right time in the customer life cycle, and keep the cost per send down by not sending mass SMS.

Why does Beyond Retail recommend its customers to use SMS marketing?

To maximize the channel mix, use it as a complement to email and as an important part of the customer experience.

What challenges have Jojka helped your customers with?

Getting started quickly with a new sales channel with minimal effort.

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