Lace Laboratory is a Swedish company that develops women's underwear together with its customers. This unique concept means that all products are thoroughly tested and developed according to their customer's needs and desires.

Since the collaboration with the customer during product development is the central pillar in how Lace Laboratory works, direct communication and easily accessible feedback are of the highest priority.

Because of the need for close-knit communication, SMS became an obvious channel to use in tandem with e-mails as this can ensure that they reach customers with inactive or unengaged e-mail addresses.

With communication at the top of their mind, Lace Laboratory chose to contact Jojka and find out first-hand how a smart SMS marketing platform could increase conversions and ensure that the messages reach the right person at the right time.

Miona Matar, Head of CRM and Business Intelligence at Lace Laboratory had this to say about the journey with Jojka:

“After just a month of testing, we realized the incredible value of using Jojka. So far, we've only used Jojka to reach customers who've not been involved in our e-mails, but the plan is also to use Jojka for our automations.

The result of our segmented SMS campaigns had an incredible effect, increasing our revenue per recipient by 700% compared to our e-mail flows.

There were many internal discussions about whether customers actually appreciate contact and marketing via SMS, but the numbers have now spoken for themselves and all doubts we felt before we tested Jojka are completely blown away.

In addition, we have noticed that customers react just as well to limited editions, product launches and news as they would to discounts, which gives us a new perspective on how we want to communicate with our customers.

It was also straightforward to get started and start sending SMS campaigns. In just 5 minutes, we were integrated with Klaviyo and could start to send text messages - no downtime at all.

A major benefit of SMS marketing is knowing that every customer we are trying to reach will be on mobile, unlike emails that are received on computers, tablets and phones. Since we know that the recipient will receive it on mobile, all campaigns in our SMS channel are customized for the mobile-first audience.

When looking at the features, short links with our own domain is an important reason why we want to use Jojka.

Other SMS services that we have tried before do not offer short links with our own domain in the same platform, which means that we, together with Jojka, both save administrative time and create trust in our SMS messages.

Looking ahead, we also want to get started with the automations and fully integrate SMS into the campaign calendar.

It is rare to start a new service in this way, and it exceeds all expectations. We look forward to a long and profitable journey together with Jojka."

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