Important Swedish E-commerce dates 2023

Which days are important to you? There are a huge number of themed days and holidays that you can use to increase your sales through scheduled campaigns. In this article, we will help you go through the most important e-commerce dates for 2023 and how you can use them to increase your sales.



1 January | New Year's Day

A new year with new opportunities. The New Year's resolution always starts strong and is usually about losing weight, stopping drinking, starting exercise, and so on. Therefore, it is suitable to advertise products in line with health and well-being a few days before the new year.

Tip! Promote training clothes, fresh interior design, and food supplements for training, plus, it's also a perfect opportunity to sell the remaining items from your Christmas collection.


10-27 January | Start of semester

January is usually the poorest month of the whole year and January also means the start of a new term for those who go to school.

Tip! Advertise school materials that can be good for the start of the semester, for example, warm clothes to wear at school. Or why not give the customer a January offer when the economy is usually at rock bottom?



1 February | Chinese new year

Although Chinese New Year is not a shopping holiday, it does mean gifts for family and friends. The year 2023 is the Year of the rabbit and is celebrated for 15 days. Chinese New Year is a good day for all e-commerce to sell products, but especially for those who sell goods with astrological or spiritual features.

Tip! Sell ​​scented candles and products that can be used for spa and self-care.


14 February | Valentine's Day

Flowers, candy, clothing, jewelry, and watches are some examples of best sellers during Valentine's Day, but anything that has anything to do with love can be advertised for this holiday.

Tip! Promote jewelry, hotel deals, restaurant deals, and love.


27 March | Spring Week

Spring week means sports holidays for young people! However, the sports holiday does not fall at the same time for everyone, so it is an advantage to be out in good time with your marketing. Especially since many travels up to the mountains and go abroad.

Tip! Take advantage of this early and make a plan for what you want to reach the customer. Ski clothes, cozy at home, and summer clothes for the trip abroad.



March 8 | Women's Day

Women's Day is celebrated with a purple color theme and a message of equality.

Tip! Make the most of this day with gift ideas for women.


17 March | St. Patrick's day

St. Patrick's day is a holiday with Irish origins that is still celebrated to some extent in Sweden. Here people dress in green and with four-leaf clovers to celebrate with parades and parties.

Tip! Promote products for the party.



1 April | April Fools' Day

April Fool's Day is the day when it's perfectly okay to joke with your customers. Social media is a perfect channel for creating customer engagement.

Tip! Use your social platforms and make fun with them. Create a close customer relationship by giving them an offer or just a laugh for the day.


Easter day is a good time to increase sales. The challenge is that Easter falls on a different date each year and that is why you should be ready in advance. People start planning for Easter about a week before, so your Easter-themed campaigns should follow the same schedule.

7 | Good Friday

8 | Holy Saturday

9 | Easter day

10 | Easter Monday

Tip! Promote with ski clothing and gifts for the Easter eggs.


21 April | Green Friday

Green Friday and week is a copy of the Black Week concept - but themed with green to welcome spring.

Tip! Promote with spring campaigns and discount codes.


22 April | Earth day

We celebrate the planet with environmentally friendly options. If your e-commerce works sustainably and with environmental questions, then this is a perfect day for you to shine.

Tip! Show how durable your products are and give tips on how to maintain products so they can last longer.



26 May | Ascension Day

Ascension Day always falls on a Thursday, which gives you a little more opportunity to advertise your brand.

Tip! It's a red day when most people are off, so why not advertise something that the customer can consume the day before?


28 May | Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the day when we should celebrate and pay tribute to our mothers. Before Mother's Day, many people start planning what to give as a present about a week before the day itself, that is why it's important to start the campaigns on time.

Tip! Promote gift ideas made with love.

Tip! Advertise products or services that can be used the day before or the same day.




 8-17 June | Degree

In June, there are many happy faces, summer is around the corner and several people get summer vacation and graduate. Therefore, this month it's especially important to advertise the right products well in advance.

Tip! Promote college dresses and graduation gifts, and why not a good self-tan to use?


17 July | Vacation times

Most people take their vacation period on July 17, and then it is especially important to advertise yourself with products and services that the customer can benefit from before and during the vacation.

Tip! Promote summer clothes, swimwear, books to read abroad, and personal care items such as sunscreen


VM 2023


20 July | Soccer World Championship

The tournament will be played from July 20-August 20, 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. In general, there will be many people watching the games. Why not offer customers an offer that suits the festivities?

Tip! Promote products for the post-game festivities.


July month | Summer campaigns

Be aware that the people are off work and need to enjoy themselves on their vacation. Post a lot on your social platforms and give customers ideas on what they need for their different activities. Take into consideration that many people visit festivals, go abroad, and to their hometowns.

Tip! Combine SMS with campaigns on Instagram or Tiktok since many people spend a lot of time on their phones during the holidays. You can also give the customer outfit inspiration to promote your summer launches.




August is a really good time to sell everything related to “going back to school”. It's smart to start at the end of July and continue with your back-to-school campaigns until the end of August.

Tip! Advertise school supplies, and the fall collection and inspire customers with a back-to-school mindset.



During September it is great to continue with back-to-school campaigns and to start with new autumn launches & campaigns to drive sales.

Tip! Continue to run campaigns with the fresh autumn collection and cozy products to make the home a little extra fresh.



25 - 31 October | Autumn holidays

At the end of October, it's time for the autumn holidays for those who go to school. The autumn holidays are on different dates depending on where you live in Sweden. Many people travel abroad or visit another city in Sweden.

Tip! Promote generous offers of services. For example, discounted hotel nights.


31 October | Halloween

Halloween is the time of the year when it’s getting darker and cozy outside. Many people celebrate Halloween and why not promote this in the best way?

Tip! A great day to develop your customer relations and boost your sales with spooky campaigns.



11 November | Singles' Day

A themed day for all the singles out there! Singles' Day has proven to have a good impact on e-commerce and sales.

Tip! Promote love-themed discount codes.


12 November | Fathers Day

Father's Day is for our dear dads. Many people want to show their appreciation by buying a gift and it’s perfect to seize this opportunity.

Tip! Promote gifts for the dads. Men's perfumes, men's clothing, or anything technology related.


24 November | Black friday

Black Friday is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It's a holiday made entirely for shopping and sales. 

Tip! Promote early with discount codes, reduced prices, and generous deals.


27 November | Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday is just like Black Friday - but it’s entirely for e-commerce. Cyber ​​Monday is the final rush before the Christmas season begins and a great way to kick-start your Christmas sales.

Tip! Promote early with discount codes, reduced prices, and generous deals.



11 December | Green Monday

Green Monday always falls on the second Monday in December. A similar concept to Cyber ​​Monday, but the difference is that all online Christmas gift purchases made before the end of Green Monday can be delivered before Christmas Eve. Green Monday is always celebrated on the second Monday in December, but depending on how long shipping times you have, it's wise to adjust the date to suit your business.


25 - 30 December | After-Christmas sale

The after-Christmas sale always starts after Christmas Eve and can continue as long as it suits. Many have spent a lot of money on Christmas gifts and that is why it’s perfect to give customers generous offers.

Tip! Promote discount codes, reduced prices, and generous deals.


31 December | New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve means that the new year celebrations are just around the corner! Before New Year's Eve, an increase in sales is noticeable because many people need clothes and decorations for the New Year's Eve party.

Tip! Advertise collections and products for the New Year's Eve party.