Future-proof Your Marketing

Email is a valuable marketing tool but comes with an issue that can directly affect your conversion and metrics.

Email addresses change all the time, and people create separate addresses that they only use to sign up when they absolutely have to. This leads to lower open rates, less engagement and ultimately much lower sales.

So how can you counteract this? Continue reading, and we'll explain how you can future-proof your marketing with a smart SMS strategy.

Phone numbers are rarely changed

Your customers' phone numbers will be relevant for years. There is simply no major reason to change numbers when so much of their everyday life is connected to it.

A phone number is used for mobile payments, insurance, health center, work or school. Many essential components of a phone number are not so easy to replace. And also a big reason many avoid changing numbers, even if they have reason to do so.

Telephone numbers are also more personal for customers. It's something they always have with them and always react to when it pings. SMS is used often between family and friends and feels like a more personal contact than an email.

With this in mind, you should treat your list of numbers with the utmost respect. Please don't spam and take care of them as carefully as you can. The value of a customer's phone number is high on the list.

Reach your unengaged customers

As we often hear from our customers, they use SMS to reach customers who do not interact with emails to ensure that the message gets through.

With the average open rate of 21% with email, this is a good strategy. Whether you see a high open rate on your emails or not, this will pay off because in this way, you can reach the remaining 79% who are not interacting with your email marketing efforts.

Reactivate customers

One reason engagement is dropping on your emails could be that the email addresses are no longer being used—another excellent opportunity to send a customized SMS.

As I said, phone numbers are something we like to keep for several years. So it is very likely that your win-back SMS will generate much more response than a win-back email.

A future-proof tool

SMS is not going anywhere. It's a tool that works well, is personal and offers only possibilities.

With a platform like Jojka, you can easily send segmented messages to your customers. Whether it's to complement your emails or to promote your campaigns and offers, you'll quickly see the value in an SMS marketing strategy.

Future-proof your marketing today!

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