7 SMS Marketing Best Practices to Boost Your ROI

To succeed with SMS marketing, you must ensure you're following best practices that will help you boost your return on investment (ROI). Here are 7 SMS marketing best practices you can use to improve your ROI!

1. Minimize your SMS fees - Remember to keep it short and sweet

It is important to remember that SMS messages have a character limit of 160. Because if you create an SMS longer than 160 characters, you will be charged for more than one SMS, so make sure your message is concise and to the point. This will make it more likely that your audience will read and act on your message, plus minimize your SMS fees.

2. Personalize your messages - Increase engagement and conversion rates

Personalization increases engagement and conversion rates. Because if you use the data you have about the recipient, you will instantly make your SMS message more relevant. This will make your audience feel like the message was written specifically for them.

3. Remember your CTA - Make it actionable

It is essential to include a straightforward call-to-action in your text messages. Why? Because this will make it easier for your audience to convert and purchase.

4. Timing is everything - Optimize your campaign schedule

Schedule your messages when your audience is most likely engaged and responsive. Depending on your target audience, this could be during business hours, after work, or on weekends.

5. Segment your audience - Stay relevant

Divide your audience into smaller groups based on different parameters such as demographics, behavior, or purchase history, and send tailored messages to each group. This will make your messages more relevant and increase the chances of conversion.

6. Fail fast - Test, Try, and Try Again!

You must test what SMS copy variations work best with your target audience. This will help you optimize your messages for a maximized conversion rate.

7. Make sure to measure - Use an SMS marketing platform

An SMS marketing platform can help you track and analyze your messages' performance to optimize your campaigns. This will help you understand what's working and what to improve, so you can make data-driven decisions to improve your ROI.


By following these best practices, you can increase the chances of your SMS marketing campaigns being successful and boost your ROI!

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