6 Tips to improve your SMS marketing

With SMS marketing, there is great freedom of choice for you to do it in the best way, and with Jojka's advanced segmentation, you can adapt all your text messages to the customer's needs to achieve your desired results.

Sometimes, however, you may need a little help along the way to reach your sales goals, so today, we will go through 6 quick tips to increase your sales with your SMS marketing.

1. Replenishment reminders

If you sell consumables, a replenishment reminder is your best friend.

Dietary supplements are a good example, as they are used frequently and require replenishment at least once a month. A replenishment reminder via email can convert as high as 15%, and SMS usually has a higher conversion rate than that. A tip is to first send out via e-mail and then an SMS to those who have not opened the e-mail within two days. This way, you avoid spamming your customer list while still catching the customers who missed your email offer.

2. Segment

Relevant messages are essential to get a good response, and if you don’t segment, the risk increases that your customers unsubscribes from your list.

Segmentation is a way for you to categorise your customers so that your campaigns hit their targets. If a customer who has bought car parts from you then receives a mailing about boat equipment, it will rarely give you a paying customer. Try to keep your segments to purchase history, demographics, engagement and location. This way, your texts will provide much better results.

3. Clear communication

SMS can only contain 160 characters, making it even more important to be clear with each message.

Your introduction, body text and CTA should be concise and on-point so that the customer understands what the offers are about.

Example: “Hi FirstName, today we celebrate our anniversary and offer 20% on the entire range both online and in all our stores. Use the code: ONE YEAR, and the discount will be deducted at checkout. ”

Make sure you include a link and also that the link is to the right page. Once an SMS has been sent, you can not take it back, so we recommend you always triple check to make sure that everything is correct.

4. Social Media

SMS is a great way to get more followers in social media.

Attract your customers with competitions, offers and raffles that they only find on social media, and you give them a carrot to follow your brand and become part of your journey.

Social media is a powerful tool as we Swedes spend 7 hours a week on different platforms, according to a study from 2016. The figure is higher between the ages of 16-25 and is guaranteed to grow much higher in the future.

If your customers voluntarily choose to follow you, you have a strong marketing channel that you can use to build your brand and increase your sales.

5. Feedback & Surveys

Market properly by collecting essential data via SMS.

By sending forms and questions that the customer can answer in exchange for a discount code, you get a clear overview of the customer's needs, wishes and buying habits. In addition, you get an extra sale!

SMS is a good channel for collecting feedback as over 90% of all SMS are opened, and also because mobile phones are mostly used during times of leisure where the recipient has time to respond to your survey.

With your collected data, you can then expand your segments, improve your personalisation and increase your sales.

6. Exclusivity

Although the majority of all customers appreciate offers and coupons via SMS, it may take a little extra to entice customers to leave their phone numbers.

Make it clear in the opt-in that all offers sent out via SMS are entirely exclusive and can only be received there. It increases the likelihood that they jump on the list and also improves customer relationships as they feel more selected and unique.

Another tip is to send out the opt-in only to returning customers and make it clear that it is only offered to them. Then you get your VIP customers gathered in one place that gives much better results than pure email marketing.

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