5 signs that you should invest in SMS marketing

With excellent results in sales and engagement, SMS marketing has become a channel that more and more companies are choosing to invest in.

And whether you’re running a start-up e-commerce business or an established company, there is always room to improve through new marketing channels.

Today we’re going to go through 5 signs that you should invest in SMS marketing and take a closer look at how it benefits your company.

1. Your email marketing ROI is good

If your sales are good and you’re hitting all of your KPIs with emails, then SMS is the best way for you to reach the next level.

In our previous blog Marketing - SMS Vs E-mail, we concluded that you achieve the best results by using both channels together. And if you have a good grasp of your emails, it's a good idea to diversify to improve your results further.

For example, you can use SMS to improve your retargeting campaigns and also to reach the other 75% on your list who aren’t opening your emails. Using a platform like Jojka, you can segment your recipients who have not opened e-mails by sending a retargeting SMS to ensure that customers do not miss your offer.

2. Much of your traffic comes from mobiles

With a high proportion of mobile users on your site, you’ll know that there’s a market available for your SMS marketing. 

Even just looking at it from a CRO perspective, the customers will have an easier time dropping their contact information and receiving offers from the same device they’re using to shop.

If your CMS allows, you can also review which mobile traffic is going where, what leads to the purchase, and what time and day it takes place. You can then use this information to optimize your marketing texts.

3. You often release new products

Product launches are always exciting, both for you and your customers!

When it comes to new launches, your customers want to be the first to know. And with SMS marketing, your customers will be notified as soon as something exciting happens. By promoting your SMS list as an exclusive opportunity, you’ll both have a carrot for sign-ups, as well as opportunities for higher conversions.

4. You have a larger number of engaged customers

If you have a number of returning customers and VIP customers, you will want to get them on your SMS list as soon as possible.

SMS provides the best results for those who are most interested and engaged, as they’re the most likely to take part in your offers and news.

By that, of course, I don’t mean that you should ONLY have your best customers on the list, but you definitely want to get as many as you can there.

With several VIP customers on your SMS list, you ensure that they don’t miss your news, promotions, and offers.

5. You want to get more out of seasonal sales

Christmas sale, Black Friday, or maybe back to school?

SMS gives you another way to get your campaigns out in good time to a broad and active audience. If you feel that there is room for improvement on your previous campaigns, SMS is a great way to increase your conversions.

You simply reach a more significant portion of your customer base than you can with any other marketing channel, and the more people who see your campaigns, the more conversions you will get.

There are many reasons to market with SMS

And more will be covered in future posts.

In e-commerce, mobile use has grown enormously in recent years with no signs of stopping. Many companies are now starting to see SMS as an excellent source for marketing and improving existing customer relationships as both the key metrics ​​and the conversion rate are very high.

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