Get started with your SMS marketing by using our templates

As an e-commerce owner, it is important to maintain customer relationships. SMS is an easy way for you to reach your customers and there are a few things to keep in mind. Throughout this article, we will guide you on how to communicate via SMS by using our SMS templates that we have created.

It can sometimes be challenging to know how to express yourself correctly through SMS and when it is the right time to send them. SMS is a great tool to use as it has proven to give good results for e-commerce owners.


The basic rule is not to overreach more than 160 characters in your SMS. Every word matters and it is important to know what gives the customer the most benefit. When you limit your messages and stay under 160 characters, it means that the SMS is not split into two parts, because if you overreach 160 characters, it no longer counts as 1 SMS. If the SMS is split into two parts, you will be charged for 2 SMS even if it is only a few more characters.


Special characters & Emojis

When using special characters, the basic rule no longer applies. A special character takes up more characters compared to a regular letter. So if you, as an e-commerce owner, want to use special characters, it is important to keep in mind that the limit for the number of words is reduced. We recommend using as few special characters as possible to use the entire SMS with valuable information.


Examples of special characters can be: % $ 😃

Character calculator

Do not worry. We help you keep track of your special characters and emojis. We have created a character counter for you that helps you count how many characters are used per special character. Then you can easily write your SMS without having to worry that you overreach 160 characters.

Use our ready-made SMS templates created just for you


We want to give you a gift as a thank you for being a member with us. Shop for over SEK 300 and get a {{ }} with the purchase. Shop here {{ business.url }}

111 characters

Finest VIP customer, your favorite product sells out fast. But that's no problem! We save it in your shopping cart so you have time to shop. {{ business.url }}

135 characters

Now launching {{ }}! As a thank you for being a VIP customer with us, we are giving you a taste of the entire collection right now. Shop and get 15% off a purchase here {{ business.url }}

148 characters

Being a VIP customer with us certainly has its advantages! As a thank you, we'll give you free shipping on an entire purchase. Shop here {{ business.url }}

112 characters

As a thank you for signing up to our SMS list, we offer a discount code. Use {{ coupon.code }} to get 10% off your entire purchase. Find here {{ business.url }}

133 characters

Product launch

Look here! Now we have released a body mist. You don't want to miss this one. Visit our website here {{ business.url }}

87 characters

JUST ARRIVED! Refresh your closet with the latest spring collection. Check it out here! {{ business.url }}

89 characters

Soon we will launch our bestseller in new colors! Watch out so it doesn't run out. Visit our website {{ business.url }} to see them!

118 characters

We just want to let you know that your favorite product is now available in more colors! You will not be disappointed. Shop here: {{business.url }}

113 characters

ONLINE ONLY! Now we have launched {{ }}. Hurry and get a bargain before your size runs out of stock. Shop here {{ business.url }}

96 characters

Post purchase

We hope you enjoyed your new {{ }}! Leave a review and get a chance to win a discount code on your next purchase! Offer ends on {{ day }} {{ business.url }} 133 characters

133 characters 

Thank you for shopping with us! If you refer a friend who makes their first purchase, you will receive a 40% discount coupon. Read more here {{ business.url }}

120 characters

Do you like your new {{ }}? Take a photo of it, post a picture on Instagram and tag us and you have the chance to win 50% off your next purchase. You can find more information here: {{ business.url }}

150 characters

Thank you for supporting us! To express our gratitude for choosing us, you will receive a 15% discount code. Use {{ coupon code }} at checkout.

130 characters

Did you like your new {{ }}? Maximize your look with our {{ }} now in stock. Shop here {{ business.url }}

76 characters

Limited time offer

Now there are only 4 hours left of the offer with 30% on your entire purchase. Use the code {{ coupon code }} at checkout. Shop here {{ business.url }}

106 characters

Today only! Don't miss your chance to stock up on your favorite products for a full 30% discount at checkout. Use the code {{ coupon code }} to redeem it.

136 characters

Now get 25% off your entire purchase valid for 48 hours from now! Use the code {{ coupon code }} at checkout. Shop here {{ business.url }}

104 characters

Look here! We give you an offer on our best sellers that is valid for 24 hours. Buy 2 {{ }} and pay for 1. shop here {{ business.url }}

112 characters

Hurry to make a bargain! Right now you get free shipping on an entire order if you shop for at least SEK 300. Find here {{ business.url }}

106 characters

Black friday

End Christmas shopping early this year with 20% off our most popular items. Use the code {{ coupon code }} at checkout to redeem it.

116 characters

Beware! Our SALE ends at midnight. Don't miss our best deals of the year {{ business.url }}

79 characters

Our Black Friday Sale is LIVE! Get 30% with code {{ coupon code }} on entire purchase. Do not miss it! {{ business.url }}

82 characters

Get 50% off your entire purchase with code {{ coupon code }}. Visit our website and start shopping {{ business.url }}

71 characters

Black week is on! Don't miss any important offers or discounts. Shop here {{ business.url }}

78 characters

Back in stock

It's back…. But not for long. Shop all of our in-stock {{ name.product }} now. {{ business.url }}

72 characters

That {{ name.product }} you love? Back in stock! Add it to your cart before it runs out. {{ business.url }}

82 characters

Good news! Your favorite items are back in stock. Hurry up to find a bargain before these disappear. {{ }}

91 characters

Your favorites {{ name.product }} are back in stock! Visit {{ business.url }} for available sizes and colors before they disappear.

102 characters

Back in stock! {{ name.product }} is finally available to shop with us. Use the code {{ coupon code }} to get 15% off your order.

100 characters

Cart saver

Psst! Your shopping cart is waiting for you. Go to checkout now before your favorites run out. {{ cart.url }}.

82 characters

We noticed you left something behind. We're keeping your cart for now, but hurry! Your items sell fast. {{ cart.url }}

119 characters

It appears that you have left something in your cart. Use the code {{ coupon code }} to get 15% off your order. Complete your purchase here {{ cart.url }}

125 characters

Do you have other thoughts? You get 20% with the code {{ coupon code }} on your order. But hurry! It is not valid for too long {{ cart.url }}.

106 characters

You are so close! We have saved your shopping cart for now so you can complete checkout. {{ cart.url }}

93 characters

After signup

Welcome! As a thank you for becoming a member with us, we're giving you 25% off your first purchase with the code {{ coupon code }}. Shop here {{ business.url }}

155 characters

Thank you for becoming a member with us! Use the code {{ coupon code }} at checkout to get 20% off your first purchase. Shop here {{ business.url }}

144 characters

Hi {{ contact.firstname }}. Thank you for registering. As a thank you for signing up with us, we're giving you the code {{ coupon code }} to get 20% off your first purchase.

144 characters

Welcome {{ contact.firstname }}. We are glad that you have found us. As a thank you, you will receive 20% with the code {{ coupon code }} on your next purchase here {{ business.url }}.

108 characters

You're on the list! So that you don't miss anything, we will update you with offers and discounts. You can find more here {{ business.url }}

128 characters

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