4 Tips for Better SMS Marketing Copy

Write better SMS copy

When it comes to SMS marketing, the text length isn't quite as long are you're used to with emails, but this "limitation" doesn't necessarily have to be a disadvantage. Even with short and concise copy, SMS is an informative and personal marketing channel that can quickly bring you closer to your customer base if the message resonates with your audience.

However, good copy can be challenging to write regardless of length, so to help you write better copy for your SMS marketing, we've taken the liberty of writing this article that you can use as a reference.

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Your first words are your subject line

Unlike emails, SMS doesn't use subject lines or preview text. Instead, use the first words of the text as your hook!

The first line is what's shown in your subscribers' preview of your SMS. Therefore, you want to ensure you have as effective words as possible to guarantee that your recipients understand your message and are eager to read.

Some high-impact words you want to use as a preview are:

  • You - No wonder the word "you" is high on the list. After all, the customer should be in focus on every text.
  • Save - If you have a sales campaign, the word "save" is a real winner. For many customers, a good deal is essential, often generating openings and clicks.
  • Time-limited - urgency is a driving factor in many successful campaigns in all marketing. You can, of course, exchange for other variations such as "final" or "last chance".
  • Free - year after year, the word "free" has proven to be the most effective word in marketing by miles. If you have free shipping or perhaps include a gift on the order, highlight it immediately.

Line breaks do a lot for readability

Just like the article you read here, line breaks are your best friend, and with SMS, the same applies.

A wall of text is almost impossible to "scan". Generally, you only have a few seconds to convince the customer to click, so ensure your text is as readable and concise as possible.

Skip the fluff and use impactful words

You don't have to write your SMS entirely according to grammar rules. After all, you have few words to use where you want to give as much effect as possible.

First, write a draft of everything you want to include in your SMS, then start shortening it by deleting words that are long and informative. Save these words for your landing page instead.

For example:

"Our summer sale is in full swing! Take the opportunity to find your favourite products of up to 70% in sports equipment with completely free shipping throughout Sweden. The offer is valid until Sunday, so take the opportunity to bargain before the stock is completely finished."

Instead, it could be shortened to this:

"Summer sale - up to 70% plus free shipping on selected products in sports equipment. The offer is valid until Sunday. Take the opportunity and save before the stock runs out!"

In the last example, it is abbreviated with a focus on adequate words that drive people to click to your landing page.

Write as you would do to a friend

There are many different ways to write copy for SMS. The ones we have talked about so far are more oriented toward the message itself. In some cases, having a more personal approach to your SMS can be beneficial.

SMS has always been a more personal communication than, for example, e-mails. For the most part, you text your friends and family. With this in mind, you should skip the "dry formality" and keep the tone as if you were writing to one of your friends.

In many cases, this will resonate better with your customers and create a more personal relationship between them and your brand.

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