Swedish E-commerce dates 2021/2022


There are many theme days and holidays that you can use to increase sales through scheduled campaigns.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the most important e-commerce dates, 2021 and 2022 and a little about how you can best use them.


1 - New Year's Day

A new year with new opportunities. The New Year's resolution always starts strong and is usually about losing weight, stopping drinking, beginning to exercise, etc. Take the opportunity to market your products that are in line with health and well-being these days.


1 - Chinese new year

Although Chinese New Year is not a shopping holiday, it includes gifts for family and friends. The year 2022 is the Year of the tiger and is celebrated for 15 days. Chinese New Year is a good day for all e-commerce to sell products, but especially for you who sell goods with astrological or spiritual features.

14 - Valentine's day

Flowers, sweets, clothes, jewellery and watches are the best sellers on Valentine's Day. But everything that has to do with love will sell well.


8 - Women's Day

Celebrated with a purple colour theme and a message of equality. This is a great day to grow your brand by spreading awareness and helping the cause.

17 - St. Patrick's day

A holiday of Irish origin is still celebrated to some extent in Sweden, but more so in native English countries. Here you dress in green with four-leaf clovers to celebrate in parades and parties.


1 - April

The day when it's okay to joke with your customers. Social media is a perfect channel for creating customer engagement by playing practical jokes.

8 - Tax refund

The long-awaited tax refund is distributed to most people in Sweden, and many see it as a day to buy the products they always wanted. Those who are not awarded a tax refund on the 8th usually receive it around midsummer.


Easter is a good time for e-retailers to increase sales. The problem is that Easter falls on different dates every year, and you should be ready in advance. People start planning for Easter about a week in advance, so your Easter-themed campaigns should follow the same schedule.

15 - Good Friday

16 - Easter Eve

17 - Easter Day

18 - Second day of Easter

22 - Earth day

We celebrate the globe with environmentally friendly alternatives. If your e-commerce works for sustainability and the environment, it is a perfect day for you to shine.

30 - Valborg (Swedish Holiday)

From Valborg to the first of May, we celebrate that spring is coming and everything that comes with it. Warmer weather, flowers, sunlight and lighter clothing.


8 - Mother's day

26 - Ascension day


6 - Swedish National Day

A great opportunity for promotions and sales.


Between 8-17 June, it is time for summer vacation. Therefore, the beginning of June is a good opportunity to sell your summer products.

24-25 - Midsummer

The brightest day of the year and one of the most celebrated holidays in Sweden. It’s celebrated with food, drinks, clothes and games.


Summer promotions



Back to school is an excellent opportunity to sell everything about school and the parents' "leave" from the children. It's smart to start already at the end of July and continue into the end of August with your campaigns.


A slow month for e-commerce. It’s best to continue with Back to school campaigns and start with new autumn campaigns to drive sales.


30/31 - Halloween

Halloween is celebrated more and more in Sweden with disguises, sweets and parties. A good day to build customer engagement and sales with a custom theme and spooky campaigns.


11 - Singles Day

A minor theme day that has shown to have a good impact on e-commerce and sales.

14/11/2021 - 13/11/2022 - Father's day

26/11/2021 - 25/11/2022 - Black Friday

Always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in September. It is a holiday made entirely for shopping and sales.

29/11/2021 - 28/11/2022 - Cyber ​​Monday

Black Friday, but online. Cyber Monday is aimed entirely at e-commerce vendors and their customers.


10-13 - Green Monday

Similar concept as Cyber ​​monday, with the aim that all Christmas gift purchases online can be delivered before Christmas Eve. Always celebrated on the second Monday in December, but depending on how long shipping times you have, you can adjust the date to suit your business.

25 - 30 - After Christmas sale

It always starts after Christmas Eve and can continue as long as it’s profitable.

31 - New Year

New year to be celebrated. On New Year's Eve and the days leading up to it, you often see an increase in sales.

School Holidays (Sweden):

The dates where the holidays fall are always different depending on which country and region you live in. These dates are approximate.

Spring break 14 February

Easter 11 April

Autumn holiday 1 November

Christmas break 23 December

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