3 Reasons why you should market with SMS

The e-commerce market has grown enormously in recent years, and the pandemic has accelerated digital growth several years into the future.

Customers now expect fast response, shipping and accessible service and feedback throughout the buyers journey. This requires that you, as a business owner, have to adapt your processes to meet the growing expectations.

Synonymous with fast response and availability, more and more companies are starting to see the value of SMS marketing to build customer relationships and increase sales. 

Since SMS provides personal and direct contact with your customers, it opens new windows of opportunity for sustainable, smart and traceable growth.

Not completely convinced? Continue reading, because Today we are going to go through 3 reasons why you should market with SMS.

1. SMS has the best conversion rate

SMS has by far the best open rates of all marketing channels, which we have talked about in previous blogs.

In fact, 97% of all SMS are read, and on average it only takes 90 seconds for the customer to respond to the mailing. If we talk about sales, CTR ends up at 10-29% depending on the campaign, which is miles beyond emails.

Using Jojka to segment and personalize your mailings, those numbers will even increase more. You also have the ability to track your sales so you can easily determine which/how your strategies and campaigns work.

2. SMS brings you closer to your customers

Feedback and market research are a critical part of any brand, so why not use a channel with an easy way for the customer to respond and participate?

As we mentioned earlier, SMS has fantastic CTR and open rates, which makes it a great way to collect information voluntarily from your customers.

As an example, you can send text messages to your "unengaged" segment to collect feedback on why they no longer shop with you. Since those customers are no longer active, it is almost necessary to include an offer in exchange for their feedback. It can be anything from a contest to a free trial product.

Getting to know your customers' pain points and needs is invaluable for e-retailers. It gives you more room to improve your existing processes and increase the lifespan of your customers, and Jojka enables you to gather all the information you need.

3. SMS is a great channel for exclusive offers and new product launches

With Jojka, you can easily segment your most relevant customers to the SMS list (as long as they approve) to get a great response on feedback and sales with exclusive offers or product launches.

Creating an SMS list with the most relevant customers for the SMS campaign where customers can get the best deals not only gives you more customers on the list, it also improves customer relationships and sales.

By building up segments, you create a positive response as soon as the SMS notification rings on the customer's phone. If all of your previous marketing texts are relevant, they know that your offer will be “just for them”.

So what have we learned?

SMS is one of the best marketing channels for building customer relationships, increasing sales and getting feedback from your customers. As a business owner, you should use SMS and a traceable platform like Jojka to grow in line with the digital evolution.

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