3 Ideas on how to best use SMS marketing during a recession 

Just like with everything else, the economy has worse and better periods. Recessions are hard to avoid, which leads us to the question - How can we turn this into something positive, and how can we come out of the situation stronger? In this article, we will describe how your e-commerce can use its SMS marketing to become more profitable and increase sales. 


Idea 1. Make sure you prioritize customers with strong purchasing power 

Regardless of the marketing budget size, putting the money in the right places and, above all, with the right people is essential. In other words, it is important to know that you are prioritizing the purchasing power customers with the most significant potential to convert. To find out which customers are purchasing power, you can do analyses with the help of your existing customer data. Can you use any differences in your customers' buying behavior to improve your campaigns? An example of this could be to find out which people in your existing target group buy the most of your goods at a reduced price and who buys the most of the regular-price goods. Find out which customer is best for you and who is most likely to convert on your SMS campaigns!


Idea 2. Adapt your campaigns to the situation 

Personalization is much more than just using the customer's name in communication. For example, it could show that you understand your customers and adapt your campaigns to the customer's situation. For example, you give the customers who invest in slightly more expensive products tips and advice on how to make their products last longer. This can be done by recommending an impregnation spray if someone has bought expensive leather shoes. Then you show that you think sustainably while at the same time caring that the customer gets the most for their money. Another example is giving tips on "budget favorites" to customers who have changed their buying patterns due to the economic situation. 


Idea 3. Maximize the probability of conversion and combine your channels 

Optimizing your digital marketing process and reviewing which channels you can benefit from synergy is a good idea. An example of two tracks that complement each other is email and SMS marketing because when used together, the probability of conversion is maximized. Different customers convert differently, so using several channels to optimize your chances is good. One way to use both channels is to start by sending out an email campaign to your chosen target group. You should then send a follow-up SMS to those who have not opened the email. Then you capture those who prefer an email first and minimize the cost of the number of SMS while ensuring that as many people as possible receive your information. Combining the two channels increases the chances of conversion and maximizes your chance of increasing sales. 


In conclusion, by taking advantage of the synergy effects of combining channels and prioritizing your marketing budget on the right people and situational campaigns, you can become more profitable and increase your sales. Recessions are hard to avoid, so let's focus on things we can influence and see this as an opportunity to optimize our marketing instead.

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