Our passion is for the consumer to notice the difference!

Our ambition stems from the insights we've gathered after many years working with our customers. Our clients are entrepreneurs and marketers who want to personalise their communication without getting stuck in costly, complicated and time-consuming IT projects. 

We help them by being the best at what we do, and by working with other companies who can partner with us to create a seamless, frictionless infrastructure that solves our customers' challenges when it comes to personalised communication with the consumer.

Jojka's story

From SMS to personalised customer journeys


Mobispine AB sells network operator business to the Australian company Soprano Design Pty. Remaining operation changes name to Jojka Communications AB.


A number of strategic and important contracts are secured with new customers generating substantial growth. The volume of text messages sent in 2014 is up 193% from 2013.


Jojka launches its own, brand new SMS platform and continues growing with an increase in messages sent. 


New insights into our customers' needs prompt us to start developing new solutions to help maximise the ability to personalise their messaging in a simple way. 


The ability to easily move data via smart integrations enables Jojka and a few chosen partners to create user-friendly workflows and a choice of channels for the customer without them needing to build complex and costly systems.  

Our values

This is what you can expect as an employee or customer


Our driving force is the desire to help our customers achieve and see results. 


We want to understand how we can partner with others to solve our customers'  challenges.


We always follow through, fulfill our promises and finish the task. 


We celebrate when we and our customers hit goals.

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