About us

Jojka is an interactive communciation platform that helps businesses and organizations efficiently communicate with customers and employees.

Jojka in short

Jojka’s vision is to develop and deliver the best tool on the market for SMS-based communication.

That’s why we offer businesses and organizations different communication platforms based on SMS to increase profitability and market presence, as well as strengthen relationships with customers and networks.

The company Jojka Communications AB is listed on Spotlight Market and has approximately 750 shareholders.

Jojka’s History

2011 – Mobispine AB sells the carrier segment to australian Soprano Design Pty.

2012 – The company pivots to focusing on products Salesboost and Workforce as well as changes its name from Mobispine AB to Jojka Communications AB.

2013 – Current CEO Rutger Linquist is employed.

2014 – A number of strategically important customer contracts are secured, driving growth. Examples of these are Consortio, Fashion Group, Tallink, Björn Borg Retail and NetnONet.
The company invests in 24/7 operations support and changes data center. A volume increase of 193% in sent text messages are seen in comparison to 2013.

2015 – The company’s new platform, JSG3.0, is launched. A volume increase of 104% is seen in sent SMS messages between Jan-Apr 2015 in comparison to the same period in 2014. The company reaches a new ”all time high” in September in terms of volume and turnover.

2017 – The company launches its brand new SMS platform and has until October increased the amount of sent text messages with 63% in comparison to the same period the previous year.

Did you know this about the SMS marketing market?

SMS traffic has since tracking begun in 1994 been increasing constantly every year. During 2013 over 6 500 billion SMS messages were sent globally.

In Sweden, which is the main market for Jojka, Post- and Telestyrelsen report that the SMS volume for the first quarter of 2014 was 6 545 million and that M2M (machine-to-machine) messages had increased by 37% to 114 million (PTS-ER 2014:29). Jojka estimates that its market is worth about 350-500 MSEK.

During 2013, a change in trends could be seen as iMessage and WhatsApp were introduced and the volumes for individuals decreased for the first time. This has been compensated by businesses increasingly choosing SMS as their method of communication. The business market is where Jojka operates.

The trend today is even clearer. Businesses who previously have used traditional communication tools as email, phone and print materials are now increasingly choosing SMS messages thanks to the high realtime hit-rate. This, in combination with more industries starting to find SMS messaging as a key communication tool secures continued growth.

According to Juniper Research’s independent report, the SMS market will continue to grow by approx. 12% annually.